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Name Credits Date and Time
Accredit Buyer Representative (ABR) Designation - 2 Day 8.0 3.9.20 9:00am
Investment Property Basics (RE29RC07) 2.0 3.12.20 9:00am
All Six March CE Classes 12.0 3.12.20 9:00am
Facilitator (RE51R06) 2.0 3.12.20 11:15am
Financing (RE25RC08) 2.0 3.17.20 9:00am
M.G.L.c. 93A, Consumer Protection & Business Regulation (RE04RC12) 2.0 3.17.20 11:15am
Code of Ethics (RE33RC11) 2.0 3.25.20 9:00am
Seller Agency (RE01R06) 2.0 3.25.20 11:45am
April, 2020 First-Time Homebuyer Course 0.0 4.7.20 5:00pm
Real Estate Negotiation Expert Certification (2-day) 0.0 5.6.20 9:00am

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