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The laws passed today will determine the future legal environment within which you will conduct your business. Your involvement on the local level can have a dramatic influence on determining the outcome of pending issues. The NSAR needs its members to become involved and make the voice of real estate heard on Beacon Hill.

Consider devoting some of your time and resources to help protect private property rights by participating in government affairs activities.

What You Can Do

  • Stay informed about the issues — Read the NSAR Government Affairs Blog and catch a glimpse of the top issues in your area.
  • Join the NSAR Government Affairs Committee — Become an active member of the Government Affairs Committee and be on the front lines of communication with state legislators.
  • Participate in the annual REALTOR® Day on Beacon Hill — Get on the bus! Catch a ride to the State House on the NSAR bus along with your fellow NSAR members for our annual face-to-face visit with our state legislators where we discuss the important issues of the day!
  • Attend local legislative events – From time to time the NSAR will hold events where members and their legislators can interact. Your involvement on the local level is key to our success in promoting REALTOR® issues.

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Let Us Know Your Interests

If you would like to become involved in our legislative programs, fill in your contact information below and, if you have a particular interest, let us know.

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Stay in touch with us

Let us know if you become aware of any pending local issues that would impact the right to own or transfer real property in your community. Contact the NSAR Government Affairs Committee. The committee works to identify important issues in every community we serve and keep members informed. It’s a big job and, to do it, they need your help.

Make a contribution to the REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC). RPAC supports efforts to elect candidates that have indicated their support of the REALTOR® position on key legislative issues relating to the real estate industry and property ownership rights.

Get involved! We welcome your participation in NSAR’s political and legislative efforts.

Why contribute to RPAC?

RPAC contributions are used to help affect the outcome of political races to the benefit of the REALTOR® community. Having legislators in office who support property rights and understand and support the concerns of the real estate industry is vital to the future of your business.

Who contributes to RPAC?

Contributions may be made by REALTOR® members as well as NSAR Affiliate members. RPAC only accepts personal contributions.