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11.18.19 Beverly Public Meeting for Multi-modal Mobility Hub

On November 21st Beverly will be conducting a public meeting to discuss transforming the Beverly Depot Train Station and adjacent area in a Multi-modal Mobility Hub.  A Mobility Hub coordinates many modes of transportation to converge at a transit service as to make use easier and more attractive to a wide variety of residents and commuters.

The project stems from Beverly receiving a Housing Choice Initiative Capital Grant.  The Grant will cover up to 30% of the design costs to create the Multi-modal Mobility Hub.  This Mobility Hub concept was recommended in MAPC’s North Shore Mobility Study (2017) and in Beverly’s Bass River District Vision and Action Plan (2014).

The public meeting will be held on November 21st at 7-8:30pm at the City Hall council Chamber.

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11.5.19 Step Closer to Near-Rapid Transit in Lynn

In a unanimous vote on Monday, The MBTA Fiscal and Management Control Board voted to electrify the state's commuter rail system.  The MBTA Board also voted that the commuter line from Lynn to Boston was one of the three most in need across the state.

This would mean that near-rapid transit could be implemented between Lynn and Boston in the not so distant future.  The system would employ trains that ran every 15 minutes from Lynn's commuter rail station to Boston with a few stops along the way and subway prices.

The project is not expected to begin within the next 5 years and will require specific electric multiple unit trains.  Final costs have yet to be determined but the three pilot programs have been estimated at $1.5 billion.

You can find more information from the Lynn Item here.

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11.5.19 North Shore Coalition Transportation Vision Unveiled


On November 1st, the North Shore Coalition, comprised of local municipal leaders, unveiled its vision statement for transportation in the region.  The transportation vision follows the 6 guiding principles of geographic diversity, economic development, mobility, efficiency, equity, and natural and human environment.  Also included are 19 action items, of which each city and town within the North Shore Coalition must complete 4 by 2022.

Over a year ago, the Coalition asked the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) to study transportation in the region.  The data has shown the need for such a transportation vision in several ways, including increased commute times and unreliable public transit.

The Coalition also detailed transportation funding principles.  These funding principles include looking at expanding tolling on highways, a gas tax increase, the allowance of several municipal revenue-raising tools, increased surcharges to companies like Uber and Lyft, and a carbon emissions fee.

You can find the Transportation Vision and more information about the unveiling at the MAPC website here.


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10.30.19 North Shore Coalition Transportation Vision

Transportation options can drastically change the real estate landscape of a particular street, neighborhood, or even an entire community.  On Friday November 1st the North Shore Coalition, a fourm comprised of municipal leaders from 18 North Shore cities and towns, will unveil their transportation vision for the North Shore.

Find details on the flyer below.  To RSVP for the event click here.

Transportation Vision

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