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8.19.13 Haverhill & Methuen Share Grants to Fight Neighborhood Eyesores

Methuen Mayor Stephen Zanni and Haverhill Mayor James Fiorentini

According to the Eagle Tribune, Haverhill and Methuen will share $140,000 from the Attorney General’s Office to combat abandoned and neglected buildings in the two neighboring cities.

According to Haverhill Mayor James Fiorentini, the money will be used to hire a program manager who will work for both cities.  The Haverhill City Council recently passed an ordinance requiring absentee owners to pay $250 to register their buildings with the city.  The new hire will work with department heads, the Registry of Deeds and the Attorney General’s Abandoned Buildings Initiative to identify abandoned homes and strategies for getting them cleaned up and re-occupied.

Fiorentini said the program manager will oversee Haverhill’s new vacant properties registry, inspect run-down properties for health, sanitary, safety and building code violations, and recommend properties for demolition or receivership through the Northeast Housing Court.

William Buckley, Methuen’s community development director, said his city passed a similar ordinance several years ago.  The grant will pay that person’s salary for two years, he said.

Local officials estimate each city has about 100 such properties, and that they drag down property values in neighborhoods where they are located and spur complaints from residents living nearby.

The money for the program was obtained by Attorney General Martha Coakley through a settlement with large banks and sub-prime lending agencies.

Read the entire Eagle Tribune article.

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