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5.31.20 Town Halls Begin to Reopen

As the North Shore begins the process of reopening so do local Town Halls.

Lynnfield has already opened their Town Hall by appointment only.  Go here to read the full procedure for visiting.

Danvers has planned a multi-stage opening where members of the public will be able to enter the Town Hall on June 22nd

Dates of future openings are all subject to change. If you have reason to visit a local town hall, make sure to confirm availability and the visitor procedure.

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3.9.15 Habitat for Humanity Lottery - 2 Ipswich Condos

6-8 First Street, Ipswich, MA

Wicked Local reports that Habitat for Humanity is building two affordable condos at 6-6 First Street in Ipswich, MA.   The two, 3-bedroom, 1.5 bathroom duplex condominiums (“condexes”) will be side by side in one building, originally built in 1890 as workforce housing for the Ipswich mills.  The interior, currently in terrible condition, will be gutted and rehabbed. The exterior will be restored to what it was historically. 

Habitat has already built three homes on Essex Road, across the street from the Bruni Market Place.

The town took the First Street property for nonpayment of taxes and the property is now part of the Affordable Housing Partnership, said Terry Anderson, affordable housing coordinator.  The town put out a request for proposal to rehab the building and chose Habitat for Humanity.

Each condo is to be sold for approximately $130,000, at no interest.  

The homeowner will be chosen by lottery among qualified buyers - those who live or work in Beverly, Danvers, Lynn, Lynnfield, Marblehead, Nahant, Peabody, Salem, Saugus, Swampscott, Topsfield, Gloucester, Rockport, Manchester, Essex, Ipswich, Hamilton, Wenham or Rowley.  The chosen buyer will be requires to spend 400 hours of construction duties as a condition of the purchase.

There are income requirements - the family’s total gross income must fall within the specific ranges based on family size: Three members, $33,880 to $50,820; four members, $37,640 to $56,460; five, $40,70 to $61,020; and six $43,700 to $65,520.

The application deadline is April 30.  

Read the entire Wicked Local article.

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9.23.10 Meadow Walk Development in Lynnfield

Meadow Walk Development in Lynnfield - courtesy of National Development

The Peabody/Lynnfield Weekly News reports that Meadow Walk in Lynnfield may soon be back on track.  National Development plans to transform part of the Colonial golf course property into a village of commercial and residential buildings while retaining a vast expanse of open space.

The first part of the project to be built would be the Market Street Village, consisting of a retail business and a grocery store.  That retail development would be followed by construction of Arborpoint, planned as a three-building, 180-unit apartment complex, and an office complex to be known as Pavilion.

The project won overwhelming support at Lynnfield Town Meeting several years ago, and National Development executive Theodore Tye said the company intends to meet public expectations.  “We’re going to create a public area,” he said. “Restaurants will open up. There will be wide sidewalks and lots of landscaping.”

Read the entire Peabody/Lynnfield Weekly News article.

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3.16.09 Lynnfield Elderly Housing

The Peabody & Lynnfield Weekly News reported that Lynnfield voters recently passed 3 warrant articles designed to help move forward elderly housing projects that are seeking financing in difficult economic times.  According to the article, here were the 3 changes to the town’s bylaws governing elderly housing districts:

  1. Dropped the minimum age for occupation of units in the district from 60 to 55.
  2. Lifted a restriction that had required elderly housing complexes in that district to be operated only by nonprofit entities.
  3. Gave the Board of Selectmen authority to take by eminent domain a 2.5-acre parcel of land in the rear of the South School-Senior Center property at 525 Salem Street that the town had taken through tax title proceedings in the 1970s. That land is part of a larger parcel the town is selling to a local developer who plans to build an elderly housing complex on it.

Read the entire Peabody & Lynnfield Weekly News article.

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2.23.09 February 25th Lynnfield Zoning Hearing

The Peabody & Lynnfield Weekly News reported that the Lynnfield Planning Board will be holding a public hearing on proposed changes to the town’s Zoning Bylaws governing elderly housing districts on Wednesday, February 25th at Lynnfield Town Hall.

The proposed zoning bylaw changes are intended to make it easier for developers of elderly housing complexes to obtain financing and thrive in this real estate market.

Read the entire Peabody & Lynnfield Weekly News article.

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11.18.08 New Green Lynnfield Townhouses

According to the Boston Herald, developer Linda Pizzuti has built a 20-unit Colonial-style townhouses, featuring the latest in Green technology. The complex, known as Pyburn Mews, is one of the North Shore’s first projects to receive both Energy Star and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

They are priced from $420,000 for 2-bedroom units to $580,000 for 3-bedrooms. Five townhouses will be designated as “affordable” will be sold by a special lottery. Pictured above is Unit 58, including eco-friendly elements such as strand-bamboo wood flooring, chemical-free carpeting, high-efficiency heating/cooling and Energy Star-certified windows, lights and appliances. Each townhouse’s garage even boasts a special outlet for recharging electric cars. Photo by Ted Fitzgerald.

Read the entire Boston Herald articile.

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