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7.13.20 Northern Strand Zoning Overlay Survey

A new survey has been posted to get input from Lynn residents and community stakeholders concerning a Northern Strand Zoning Overlay.

Massachusetts recently announced plans to complete the Northern Strand ending in Lynn. This will connect an 11.5-mile route from the Mystic River to the Lynn shoreline. 

The survey not only seeks feedback on the types of business, recreation, and housing that you would like to find along the route but also educates survey takers on the importance of zoning, what zoning can accomplish, and why the overlay is being created. Partnering on the project are Lynn EDIC, MAPC, the City of Lynn, and the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

An overlay district could create mixed use zoning, green spaces, small businesses, and more that would benefit from and enhance the area along the route.

You can find the survey here.

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6.12.20 Housing Lynn Development Panel Discussion 6/17

Next Wednesday, June 17, Housing Lynn will host a virtual panel discussion on the future of residential development in the city.

Shaping new development is an important strategy to pursue Lynn’s housing goals. Panelists will discuss the Lynn housing market; the relationships between Affordable Housing, mixed-income development, and market-rate development; and how different housing types and building densities can provide community benefits. There will be a live audience Q&A with the panelists. This conversation will help Housing Lynn create realistic zoning and development recommendations.

The panel will feature experts in residential development for people with a range of incomes in Greater Boston:

The discussion will be conducted in English with live Spanish interpretation; those calling in rather than joining online will unfortunately not have access to interpretation. A video recording of the panel discussion will be posted online afterward for those who can't make it. Learn more below!

Online Panel Discussion Details

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5.26.20 Housing Lynn Online Open House

Housing Lynn just launched a new Online Open House to receive public comment relevant to the development of the new Lynn Housing Production Plan (HPP).

The Online Open House is a survey you can complete here.  You will have the opportunity to comment on a summary of housing challenges in Lynn, rate the importance of draft goals, prioritize potential strategies, and add additional thoughts.

Using information collected from the survey draft recommendations on policies and programs will be created to achieve plan goals.  From there, a public online webinar on housing development will be held in June and complete recommendations will be available for public feedback in the fall.

If you are a resistant of Lynn or work in that market, NSAR encourages you to take a moment to participate in the Online Open House.

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1.29.20 Housing Lynn

This week, the first Housing Lynn public forum was held.  Housing Lynn is an initiative, in partnership with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), to develop a Housing Production Plan to guide the future development of the city.  The initiative will stretch through most of 2020 and centers around a community-driven process to understand Lynn’s housing needs.

This event comes on the heels of the Lynn City Summit held in November, where Housing was also a major topic.

During the conversation community leaders and community members spoke to what they saw as the housing crisis in Lynn. Rising rents, the shortage of inventory, and luxury development were among the discussion topics.

Two more public forums will be held in the Spring and the Fall.  For more information and quotes from the event click here.


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12.4.19 Lynn City Council Authorizes Hiring of City Planners


Having gone without a planning department for more than two decades, the Lynn City Council has authorized the hiring of a principle planner and associate planner for Lynn.

The positions are funded for 3 years through gifts from the Economic Development & Industrial Corporation of Lynn, MassDevelopment, Eastern Back Foundation, Gerondelis Foundation, and the Barr Foundation.  At the end of the 3-year period a decision will be made on whether to create a planning department.

City planning plays a critical role in combating the housing crisis.  Not only to ensure that future housing needs are being addressed, but also that housing is inclusive and integrated into a larger plan incompassing transportation, public space, economic development, and more.  REALTORS® promote the use of Smart Growth and Fair Housing principles in planning.


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11.5.19 Step Closer to Near-Rapid Transit in Lynn

In a unanimous vote on Monday, The MBTA Fiscal and Management Control Board voted to electrify the state's commuter rail system.  The MBTA Board also voted that the commuter line from Lynn to Boston was one of the three most in need across the state.

This would mean that near-rapid transit could be implemented between Lynn and Boston in the not so distant future.  The system would employ trains that ran every 15 minutes from Lynn's commuter rail station to Boston with a few stops along the way and subway prices.

The project is not expected to begin within the next 5 years and will require specific electric multiple unit trains.  Final costs have yet to be determined but the three pilot programs have been estimated at $1.5 billion.

You can find more information from the Lynn Item here.

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