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11.13.19 Gloucester City Councilors in Suit over Special Permit Decision

A recent filing in Land Court attempts to annul a Gloucester City Council decision to deny a special permit to developer Paul Bevilacqua on the property of 116 East Main St in Gloucester.  The special permit was requested in order to develop two buildings on the site, each with 4 condo units, instead of the current approved use as a three-family.

The development proposal did have approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals and the City Council’s Planning and Development subcommittee.  In the final vote of 5-3 against, two of the three Planning and Development subcommittee members switched their previous vote after a public hearing where a majority speaking opposed the project.

The property is currently under purchase and sale and Land Court will hear the filing on December 5th. If annulled this would be the second time in recent months that a City Council special permit decision is thrown out.  In October, an approved permit on Wingaersheek Rd was successfully challenged by a neighbor.

For more on the court case and to see the filing itself you can read the article in the Gloucester Times here.

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