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4.30.20 Ipswich Housing Forum Sign Ups

After having to cancel the planned in-person Housing Form in late March, Ipswich has pivoted to hosting multiple smaller discussion groups over Zoom. These meetings will be held in mid-May and signups are available through May 1st.  This is an opportunity to have a voice in how Ipswich develops its Housing Production Plan (HPP).

Housing Production Plans evaluate the housing needs of a community and plan for diversity in housing for every income level.  HPP’s especially focus on developing affordable housing and how to meet and exceed the minimum standards set in 40B. 

You can sign up by filling out the doodle poll here with your availability. Anyone interested in attending is invited to participate.

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2.27.20 Housing in Ipswich Public Forum

Ipswich is having its first Public Forum on Monday, March 23rd as the town begins the process of updating its Housing Production Plan (HPP).  A HPP is a community's proactive strategy for planning and developing affordable housing. The forum will include a presentation on Ipswich’s housing needs and focused discussions on local housing priorities and strategies.


All are welcome to attend; you can register here.

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3.4.19 Housing Watch: Eight Units of Housing Proposed for Lord Square in Ipswich

Plans for eight units of housing have been proposed for Lord Square in Ipswich, including two two-family and one three-family structures, while the historic Isaac Lord House will be maintained. 

More information on this proposal is available here.


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2.12.19 Housing Watch: South Village Green Townhouse Project in Ipswich Moves Forward

The Ipswich Planning Board has approved plans to renovate and add to an exisiting building at 66-64 County Road for the development of four residential townhouses facing South Village Green, despite concerns from abutters about the scale of the building compared to the size of the lot.

The current structure formerly housed three residential units and one commercial space. Developers have proposed converting the commerical space into a residential unit and extending the structure to allow for four 2,000-2,900 sq ft residential townhouses. 

More information on the oringial proposal is avaialble here and more on what's to come for the proposal is available here.


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10.17.18 Housing Watch: Ipswich Splits on Apartment Regulations

At a recent Town Meeting, the Town of Ipswich voted against expanding the number of apartments downtown by loosening lot-size restrictions. In the same meeting, the Town voted to allow for detached parking for apartments downtown and loosened restrictions to accessory apartments added to single-family homes throughout town. Accessory apartments are defined as one bedroom, one bathroom units in which the homeowner either lives in the home or the apartment.

More from The Ipswich Chronicle.


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11.2.16 Chapter 40B Senior Housing in Ipswich

Town Farm Road Chapter 40B Senior Housing in Ipswich

According to the Ipswich Chronicle, there is a proposed senior housing development for a 40-home, 20-building complex in Ipswich, to located at 30 and 34 Town Farm Road, with access from Locust Street.

The housing development would be a Chapter 40B affordable housing subdivision, with 25% affordable housing.

MGL Chapter 40B allows builders to bypass local housing zoning restrictions,  including density, as long as the building project includes at least 25% affordable housing.  Communities with 10% of their housing stock qualifying as affordable are exempt from 40B developments.  Ipswich would be subject to Chapter 40B with approximately 8.5% of the town’s housing stock currently qualifyng as affordable.

Ethan Parsons, senior planner, estimates that Ipswich would need between 70 and 80 more affordable units to meet the 10% affordable housing goal.

L.A. Associates Inc., of Wilmington, a firm that guides 40B developments through MassHousing and then manages lotteries for affordable units, has filed a MassHousing application for the development and has notified the Ipswich Board of Selectmen.

The parcel is 7.2 acres with approximately 10% wetlands.  Current zoning would limit a development to between 8-10 homes, if built in a cluster development, which is allowed.  Cluster developments increase allowed density if the developer “clusters” homes more closely together than traditional zoning would allow and leaves a larger portion of the land as open space.

Read the entire Ipswich Chronicle article.

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