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5.31.20 Town Halls Begin to Reopen

As the North Shore begins the process of reopening so do local Town Halls.

Lynnfield has already opened their Town Hall by appointment only.  Go here to read the full procedure for visiting.

Danvers has planned a multi-stage opening where members of the public will be able to enter the Town Hall on June 22nd

Dates of future openings are all subject to change. If you have reason to visit a local town hall, make sure to confirm availability and the visitor procedure.

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2.11.20 Danvers Votes for Rezoning

On Monday night at a Special Town Meeting, Danvers voted to rezone the Downtown Corridor.  The zoning change is not an overlay but a change in the zoning bylaws themselves. The new zoning will allow for the creation of live/work, mixed-use developments in the downtown, especially along High St near Route 128 which was previously zoned for industrial.

The goal of the rezoning is to create predictability in development and focus on allowing a mixture of land uses to create a more vibrant, walkable, and livable downtown.  There are development guidelines included to create a standardization of facades, building treatments, and signage.

An amendment of “no action” was proposed during the meeting but not adopted.  The final vote required a two-thirds majority and was passed without the need for a roll call.

You can read more about the Special Town Meeting here.

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2.10.20 Danvers Downtown Corridor Special Town Meeting

Danvers will hold a Special Town Meeting today starting at 7:30pm in the Danvers High School auditorium. Among the articles on the warrant is a zoning bylaw change that would create new rules and regulations for the Downtown Corridor.

The Downtown Corridor rezoning is divided into three subdistricts known as the Core District, the Live/Work District, and the High Street Corridor.  The Core District would allow increased density of both residential and mid-sized commercial development.  The Live/Work District would allow for a variety of housing choices and civic spaces along the Danvers Rail Trail.  The High Street Corridor would focus on commercial development and increasing walkability.

You can find the proposed motion, maps of the Downtown Corridor and subdistricts, design standards and guidelines, and an FAQ here.

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11.18.19 Danvers Community Workshop focusing on Downtown Corridor

On November 26th, the Danvers Planning Board will be holding a community workshop to receive public comment on the Downtown Corridor re-zoning initiative. 

Draft zoning and design guidelines have been prepared by Brovitz Community Planning & Design.  The rezoning initiative will focus on allowing a mixture of land uses to create a more vibrant, walkable, and livable downtown.  Guidelines will also focus creating design standards to address facades, building treatments, and signage inside the Downtown Corridor.

The National Association of REALTORS® has championed the use of Smart Growth techniques as a proven, favored approach to development.   That includes making downtowns walkable and adopting mixed zoning to accommodate both residential and commercial in the same neighborhood.

The workshop will take place at the Danvers Town Hall in the Toomey Room at 7pm.

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5.14.19 Event: Danvers Public Schools REALTORS® Breakfast

Selling a home in Danvers? NSAR members are invited to attend a REALTORS® Breakfast with Danvers Public Schools on Wednesday, May 29, 2019. The breakfast meeting will cover issues of importance to REALTORS® working in Danvers including the Danvers Public Schools Strategic Plan, the Smith School building project, new Flex Zones, and Elementary School Assignment Areas.

The breakfast will run from 8am to 9am in the Danvers High School Library at 60 Cabot Road in Danvers. This is a great opportunity to learn about how Danvers Public Schools is working to become a safer, more inclusive and more modern environment for local children to learn and grow. The breakfast is hosted by Danvers Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Lisa Dana and Assistant Superintendents Keith Taverna and Mary Wermers.

View the event flyer here.


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5.7.19 Upcoming North Shore Town Meetings in May 2019

Town Meetings are happening this month in two towns on the North Shore. Residents of Topsfield and Danvers should be aware of these important events allowing citizens to contribute their voices to town governance.

Topsfield's 2019 Annual Town Meeting will be tonight, Tuesday, May 7, 2019 at 7:00pm at the Proctor School. The warrant can be found here.

Danvers’ 2019 Annual Town Meeting will be held on Monday, May 20, 2019 at 7:30pm at the Danvers High School Auditorium. The warrant can be found here.

The town meetings primarily concern fiscal year 2020 budget and allocations for local development projects.

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