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GA Blog: Community Impact Fee

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10.15.19 Rockport Considers Community Impact Fee

Following the 3% Community Impact Fee implemented in Gloucester, the Rockport selectmen are considering implementing the fee themselves.  The 5 member selectmen committee has expressed mixed opinions as they begin to research if a Community Impact Fee is right for Rockport.

Community Impact Fees for short term rentals stem from An Act Regulating and Insuring Short-Term Rentals.  Gloucester led the state in implementing their own Community Impact Fee.  The fee itself can be set anywhere from 0-3%.  The Massachusetts Association of REALTORS opposed the original legislation.

The decision in Rockport is far from final.  The Gloucester Times writes that “the conversation ended with Town Administrator Mitch Vieira saying he will research how the community impact fee has impacted other Massachusetts communities.”

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