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5.13.20 Beverly Historic Preservation Online Survey

Work on the Beverly Historic Preservation Plan is again underway with a new community-wide online survey.  Beverly residents can provide input on the plan by completing the survey which addresses historic neighborhoods, buildings, preservation tools and more.

Community workshops had been planned for mid-March and April but were put on hold due to the COVID-19 concerns.  Further opportunities for participation will be available in the coming months.

The North Shore Association of REALTORS® supports local zoning regulations which are dedicated to preserving historical structures. Careful planning is key as preservation must be maintained in balance with respect for the rights of private property ownership.

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3.10.20 Beverly to Gather Input for Preservation Plan

The City of Beverly is undertaking a Preservation Plan, with funding from the Community Preservation Act and a Massachusetts Historical Commission Survey and Planning Grant. This is a separate process from the Master Plan. 

A series of Community Workshops to discuss Beverly's historic resources and approach to historic preservation will be taking place next week:

Tuesday, March 17
7:00 - 8:30 PM
Beverly City Hall - Council Chamber
191 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA

Wednesday, March 18   
7:00 - 8:30 PM
Beverly Farms Library - Conrad Room
24 Vine Street, Beverly, MA

Thursday, March 19 
7:00 - 8:30 PM
North Beverly Elementary School
48 Putnam Street, Beverly, MA

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12.18.19 PlanBeverly Makes Master Plan Recommendations

The Master Plan Recommendations, which were developed in conjunction with the public through PlanBeverly, have been made available to the public for review and comment. 

You can find the recommendations here.  If you would like a paper copy those are available at the Senior Center, the Library, and the Planning Department.

In 2020, Beverly will create its new Master Plan based on these recommendations.  This commenting period will be open until January 10th.  There will be further opportunities for comment when the full Master Plan is developed next year.

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12.11.19 Property Taxes Rising on the North Shore

Cities have begun announcing the new property tax rates for 2020 and in several local municipalities taxes will be on the rise.

In Peabody the average homeowner will see an increase of $194.  In Beverly the average homeowner will see an increase of $226.  In Salem, the average owner of a single-family home will see the lowest increase of the three at $87.26 but condo owners will see an increase of $160.77.

Although tax rates are indeed rising, much of the increase in the tax bill is due to higher assessment values.  In Salem alone the assessed value of the entire city rose by 12% and condo values are rising faster than single family values.  This is why the average condo owner in Salem is seeing almost double the increase in their bill compared to the average single family owner even though the tax rate is the same for both.

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11.27.19 Third PlanBeverly Public Workshop

On Thursday December 5th, PlanBeverly will be holding its third Public Workshop. The event will be held from 6:30-8:30pm at the Senior Center, 90 Colon St.

The main purpose of the meeting will be to review and comment on draft recommendations that have been developed from the last 7 months of meetings and analysis. A formal presentation will take place between 7:15-7:45pm.  Preceeding the presentation will be an open house to review the material and after there will be break-out tables with a scenario activity. 

PlanBeverly is a year long initiative by the city of Beverly to receive public comment for the upcoming 2020 Master Plan.

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11.18.19 Beverly Public Meeting for Multi-modal Mobility Hub

On November 21st Beverly will be conducting a public meeting to discuss transforming the Beverly Depot Train Station and adjacent area in a Multi-modal Mobility Hub.  A Mobility Hub coordinates many modes of transportation to converge at a transit service as to make use easier and more attractive to a wide variety of residents and commuters.

The project stems from Beverly receiving a Housing Choice Initiative Capital Grant.  The Grant will cover up to 30% of the design costs to create the Multi-modal Mobility Hub.  This Mobility Hub concept was recommended in MAPC’s North Shore Mobility Study (2017) and in Beverly’s Bass River District Vision and Action Plan (2014).

The public meeting will be held on November 21st at 7-8:30pm at the City Hall council Chamber.

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