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11.5.19 Lynn City Summit

On Saturday November 16th Lynn will be holding a City Summit at the North Shore Community College in Lynn.  The purpose of the summit is to learn about and also discuss potential solutions for the issues facing Lynn as community.

The day will begin with several concurrent community conversation workshops from 10am to 1pm.  Each workshop will have a presentation on the subject matter and then a working breakout session. The topics include: arts and culture, economic development, education, public health, public safety, transportation, and housing.  The second part of the event will be an afternoon open house from 1 to 3pm with an Exhibit and Resource Fair.

NSAR encourages those who live and work in Lynn to attend and add your voice to the discussion on housing.  REALTORS® have a unique perspective working with buyers and sellers on a daily basis.  Childcare is available on request and interpretation is available in Spanish and Khmer.

You can find more details here and get tickets through Eventbrite here.


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11.5.19 Step Closer to Near-Rapid Transit in Lynn

In a unanimous vote on Monday, The MBTA Fiscal and Management Control Board voted to electrify the state's commuter rail system.  The MBTA Board also voted that the commuter line from Lynn to Boston was one of the three most in need across the state.

This would mean that near-rapid transit could be implemented between Lynn and Boston in the not so distant future.  The system would employ trains that ran every 15 minutes from Lynn's commuter rail station to Boston with a few stops along the way and subway prices.

The project is not expected to begin within the next 5 years and will require specific electric multiple unit trains.  Final costs have yet to be determined but the three pilot programs have been estimated at $1.5 billion.

You can find more information from the Lynn Item here.

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10.30.19 North Shore Coalition Transportation Vision

Transportation options can drastically change the real estate landscape of a particular street, neighborhood, or even an entire community.  On Friday November 1st the North Shore Coalition, a fourm comprised of municipal leaders from 18 North Shore cities and towns, will unveil their transportation vision for the North Shore.

Find details on the flyer below.  To RSVP for the event click here.

Transportation Vision

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10.30.19 New Eminent Domain Bill Discussed in Committee

Recently, leaders in Gateway Cities spoke at the state house in support of an Act Relative to Neighborhood Stabilization. This bill was put together in a collaborative effort by MassINC, the Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations, and the Gateway Cities legislative caucus as a means to assist municipalities in dealing with blighted and abandoned properties.  Most discussion centered around the “bill’s spot blight eminent domain section,” per MassINC.

Rep. Lenny Mirra, noted in the discussion that “Eminent domain is for a particular purpose. It’s when the government takes property to use it for something else, and it seems like we’re using it here to take a property and keep it in the same use, in this case housing.”

The bill would allow for the use of Eminent Domain in the seizure of small properties which per Rep. Antonio Cabral, co-chair of the Gateway Cities Caucus, is currently “quite cumbersome” now, taking years to get done.

The Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® has yet to take a position on the issue.

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10.28.19 Room Occupancy Tax Frequently Asked Questions

On the Massachusetts State website, a frequently asked questions concerning the new Room Occupancy Tax has been posted.

The FAQ includes several questions relevant to REALTORS® dealing with short term rentals.  Such questions include:

Who is an intermediary or operator’s agent?

I am a real estate agent. Do I need to register and file returns as an intermediary?

How much tax am I required to collect? 

If you are working with short term rental units please take a moment to look through the questions, speak to your broker about the process, and if further assitance is needed NSAR is here to help.

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10.25.19 Salem Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance Fails 6-5


After months of public forums and review by committees, the Salem ADU ordinance has failed final passage by a vote of 6 in favor and 5 against.  The ordinance sought to expand Salem’s current zoning bylaws to allow for an easier pathway to construction of ADUs and allowing more than just relatives to be occupants.

This comes as another example of a majority vote failing the super majority requirement for passage.  Governor Baker has tried to eliminate the super majority requirement for certain zoning changes with his Housing Choice Bill but that bill has not been able to progress through committee.

Salem News has reaction and explanation from many of the city councilors here.


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