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11.14.07 Middleton Company Makes-Over Rundown Land

The Tri-Town Transcript reported that BWK Construction, a Middleton business, has recently finished its expansion move, and in the process transformed two rundown parcels of land with “a number of decrepit shacks” on North Main Street into a charming yellow office building at 171 North Main Street.

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11.14.07 Danvers Plans for Plains Railroad Station on Hold

The Danvers Herald reported plans in Danvers to move the Plains Railroad Station are currently on hold; Salem Five Bank has now decided not to give the necessary land to the Danvers Preservation Fund, Inc.

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11.13.07 Topsfield’s Tax Rate on the Rise

According to the Tri-Town Transcript, Topsfield is submitting an increased tax rate to the state; $12.02 per $1000 of assessed property − a 3.9% increase from fiscal 2007’s rate of $11.57 per $1000 of assessed property. The average single-family home in Topsfield is assessed at $583,000. Therefore, the average single-family tax bill would rise from $6,745 to $7,007, a $262 increase on their tax bill from last year. Residential properties in Topsfield make up almost 93% of the tax base in the town.

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11.13.07 Gloucester to Re-do $200,000 Crosswalk

According to the Gloucester Times, last year’s $200,000 modification of the crosswalks at Grant Circle in Gloucester is being modified. The state Highway Department has shifted the crossing of the northbound lane back to where it was until last spring − at the edge of the circle itself. MassHighway spokesman Erik Abell said the reconfiguration should be finished by the end of the year and cost about $100,000.

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11.13.07 Federal Street Houses to be Moved in Salem

According to the Salem News, the State has accepted proposals to move 3 historic homes on Federal Street in Salem, which puts the town one step closer to building the proposed $106 million J. Michael Ruane Judicial Center.

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11.12.07 Merrimack River Dredging Project Survives Presidential Veto

The Eagle Tribune reported recently that the U.S House of Representatives overrode President Bush’s veto for the Water Resources Development Act of 2007, which would allow the Army Corps of Engineers to study the possibility of dredging the Merrimack River from Newburyport to Haverhill, a 16-mile stretch.

According to the article, “Newly elected U.S. Congresswoman Niki Tsongas, D-Lowell, was among the lawmakers to cast an override vote. Tsongas said the dredging is important to Haverhill's downtown renaissance − deeper waters would allow larger boats to dock in Haverhill, bringing in more visitors to shop and eat downtown.”

Read the entire Eagle Tribune article. Photo courtesy of Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce

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