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Manchester Talks ADUs


At this week's Manchester Planning Board meeting a group of Manchester volunteer residents presented on by-right Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs).

The group’s goal of introducing by-right ADUs is to expand entry level and downsizing housing options in the community.   The proposal would limit units to 2 bedrooms and 1,200 square feet, require a dedicated off-street parking spot, and could not be rented for less than 31 days.

Manchester does currently allow for the construction of some ADUs.  Under the current zoning bylaws, a special permit can be granted if the lot size is two times the minimum lot size, the dwelling was built prior to 1984, and at least 4 parking spots are provided.  Allowing by-right ADUs avoids the need for a special permit and would instead only require a building permit.

More meetings and public forums will be held throughout 2020 in anticipation of the proposal being on the fall Town Meeting warrant.

You can read more about the presentation and the efforts to bring by-right ADUs to Manchester here.

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