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Danvers Votes for Rezoning


On Monday night at a Special Town Meeting, Danvers voted to rezone the Downtown Corridor.  The zoning change is not an overlay but a change in the zoning bylaws themselves. The new zoning will allow for the creation of live/work, mixed-use developments in the downtown, especially along High St near Route 128 which was previously zoned for industrial.

The goal of the rezoning is to create predictability in development and focus on allowing a mixture of land uses to create a more vibrant, walkable, and livable downtown.  There are development guidelines included to create a standardization of facades, building treatments, and signage.

An amendment of “no action” was proposed during the meeting but not adopted.  The final vote required a two-thirds majority and was passed without the need for a roll call.

You can read more about the Special Town Meeting here.

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