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Stand Together and Stop New Sales Tax on Real Estate



Attention North Shore REALTORS® and homeowners, the Massachusetts legislature is considering a bill that would allow cities and towns the authority to implement a new sales tax for homes. Your legislators need to hear from you TODAY!

This could add up to $10,000 to the cost of buying the average priced home in the North Shore in the name of affordable housing.

What the bill does is allow cities and towns with an Affordable Housing Trust to impose a fee or range of fees from .5% to 2% of the purchase price to the sale of a property.  This money would go directly to the Affordable Housing Trust. This is not something buyers and sellers on the North Shore can afford.

Please, take a few seconds and contact your state representative and your state senator by clicking here.  It is as fast as filling in your name, adress, and clicking send.  After you are done spread the word!  There is strength when we stand together for homeownership.


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