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Housing Still the Focus for Salem in 2020


Accessory Dwellings Units (again) and Inclusionary Zoning are on Mayor Driscoll’s housing agenda for 2020.

After failing to pass the ADU ordinance in 2019 by lacking the required super majority, the Mayor hopes that the updated 2020 ordinance will be in a better position to get adopted.  Some of the benefits to homeowners discussed in 2019 should be packaged in the new 2020 ordinance, including tax exemptions and a loan fund.  The Mayor has state her goal is to have an ADU ordinance adopted in 2020.

Inclusionary Zoning will be a new proposal for consideration.  This would require that housing projects of a certain size include Affordable Housing Units.   Besides increasing the stock of Affordable Housing Units, the goal of the proposal would also be to create a central place to apply for Affordable Housing instead of having to apply to individual projects as is currently the case for residents who seek Affordable Housing in Salem.  The Inclusionary Zoning proposal is expected to arrive in early 2020.

You can read more of the Mayor’s comments on housing here.

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