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Lynn and MBTA Launch Lynn Transit Action Plan


Earlier this year, the MBTA identified Lynn as a Focus40 community, and area to prioritize improvements to public transportation. With this designation in mind, the City of Lynn is, in conjunction with the MBTA, launching the Lynn Transit Action Plan, which will create a roadmap for improving the City’s MBTA transportation to make local hubs within the city as well as the economic hub of Boston more accessible. The plan aims to use improvements to public transit within Lynn to make the city a more economically incorporated part of the Greater Boston Area as well as the North Shore region.

The project will operate in three distinct phases: Understanding existing conditions; testing potential strategies; and developing recommendations for improvement. Residents will be given opportunities to provide input at public meetings, and are also encouraged to email Alexandra Markiewicz, at with ideas for the plan or to arrange for the Transit Action Plan team to attend a community event.

The first Advisory Committee meeting will be held Monday June 17th, 2019 from 1pm-3pm at Lynn City Hall, Room 302. Objectives for the first meeting include: developing a common understanding of the purpose of the committee and the study scope and process; previewing initial groundwork for the context analysis; and soliciting input on the goals and objectives for the study to help inform the development and evaluation of alternatives. Additionally, there will be a short public comment period at the end of the meeting.

Because this plan aims to make the City of Lynn more accessible to economic hubs in Boston and the North Shore, the outcome could have a major impact on the City’s real estate market, as Lynn becomes increasingly commuter friendly.


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