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Massachusetts Paid Family Medical Leave Deductions Begin July 1: What Brokers Need to Know


In 2018, Massachusetts enacted a law that provides paid family and medical leave (PFML) benefits to workers. This requires businesses, including real estate businesses, to begin taking payroll deductions from their employee and contractor’s wages to contribute to the Family and Employment Security Trust Fund, beginning  July 1, 2019.

Most Massachusetts real estate brokerages will be covered by the law because it counts contractors towards the total number of individuals covered if they make up more than half of the workforce of the company. MAR recommends that Brokers open an account with MassTaxConnect, as all earnings reports and contributions will be made through this system.

All workers must receive proper notification of the changes by June 30, 2019, which includes hanging a readily visible poster about the changes as well as releasing a written notification and giving workers an opportunity to acknowledge receipt of the notice.

MAR hosted a free webinar on PFML on Thursday, June 6th, which can be viewed here.

For more information about how PFML effects real estate brokers, view MAR’s infographic. For more information on Paid Family and Medical Leave, visit the Department of Family and Medical Leave Website.

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