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City of Beverly begins yearlong Master Plan process


Beverly Mayor Michael Cahill has announced the launch of the city's comprehensive master plan process and the launch of the project website,

PlanBeverly is a one-year initiative that will engage the community in creating a framework to guide the responsible growth and preservation of the city. The comprehensive master plan will situate Beverly in the context of the region and help Beverly residents articulate a shared vision for the coming decades.

The plan will include Land Use, Economic Development, Housing, Mobility, Cultural & Historical, Resources, Natural Resources, Open Space & Recreation, Services & Facilities. In addition to these topics, PlanBeverly will incorporate sustainability as an overriding theme, woven throughout the plan and used as a lens through which the plan is implemented and evaluated.

The citywide plan will combine existing city plans under a comprehensive framework while offering additional ideas for the future of the city. The final result will be a unified road map that brings all of the components together.

As local, regional, and state trends show both a need and a demand for continued community investments and growth, this plan will build on the successes of the 2002 Master Plan and chart a course for Beverly’s future.

The education and listening phase of the plan will occur in spring 2019, followed by the community visioning phase in summer 2019. The plan will be developed in fall 2019, with a draft of the citywide plan being delivered in January 2020. The citywide plan will be finalized in March 2020.

Source: PlanBeverly official website.

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