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Housing Watch: Possible Senior Housing & Senior Center Discussed for Former Cricket Press Building in Manchester


During the January 7th meeting of the Board of Selectman in Manchester-by-the-Sea, a proposal was discussed to convert a portion of the former Cricket Press Building located at 50 Summer Street into age 55+ apartments and make use of the building as a potential site for a new Senior Center: 

"The possible conversion of a portion of the Cricket Building continues to advance. Owner Sam Byrne is willing to agree to a ten-year use, and longer term would like to see a senior center at the site when he hopes to redevelop the site as a 55+ apartment complex. The Town should hear back from Byrne next week about how generous he wants to be underwriting the efforts. It could be that he would front the capital dollars needed to do the renovations and recoup all or part of this expense through monthly lease payments. The Town should know soon if this option is a go. If it is not, we will restart the effort to examine other possible sites."

The 20,620 square foot building, sitting on 2.43 acres, sold for $2.85M in November 2018.

Read the Minutes of the Manchester Board of Selectman Meeting here (Page 4).


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