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Danvers-owned Dam in Middleton Need of Repairs


According to The Salem News, a state report listed the Curtis Pond Dam in Middleton, MA as one of one hundred Bay State dams calling for immediate repairs.  The state report claims that the Curtis Pond Dam, which is actually owned by the city of Danvers, is very unsafe and could lead to property damage or even death in the event of failure.

The Town Manager of Danvers, Wayne Marquis, insists that a plan already exists to fix the dam and that after the city did an assessment of their own, “There’s no significant risk by any stretch.” This is interesting since the state report cites the location as having "substantial structural or flood routing deficiencies.”

According to the state auditor’s office, the 90-year-old dam shows no evidence that repairs are being made. The auditor’s office also pointed out that although public officials may have an idea of what to do in the case of an emergency, there are no written plans in place.

Read the entire Salem News article.

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