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Saugus Historical Site May Be Home to a New Park


The Lynn Item reports that the Saugus Historical Commission is looking to build a small park on the historically significant hill located on Hamilton Street. The hill, which is said to be the site of many buried native American artifacts, is located just behind the public safety building. The Historical Commission believes that creating an area that highlights the hills historical relevance would be an important step in preserving the location. 

The hill is believed to have been a sacred meeting place to local Native Americans. Montowampate , the Indian who owned the territory now known as Saugus, allowed settlers to move into his land. Both the hill and Montowampate are now depicted on the town seal.

The plans for the park are considered passive, only calling for a few steps, benches, a sign describing the area’s history and possibly a small wall surrounding the area. Future plans may involve a path that leads to the top of the hill. As of October there was no real opposition to the project plans.  The Historical Commission is not looking to the city for funding but plans to ask for donations for construction.

Read the entire Lynn Item article.

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