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Proposed New 30-Home "Pocket Neighborhood" in Salisbury


 Village at Salisbury Square in Salisbury

According to the Daily News, there is a new 30-home development proposed in Salisbury.  The project, “Village at Salisbury Square”, would sit on 5.94 acres, be accessed at 12 Beach Road behind Pat’s Diner, within walking distance to Salisbury Square.

This type of development is generically referred to as a “pocket neighborhood.”  Village at Salisbury Square would maintain 65% open space, allowing a number of small greens with abutting homes around the lot.

While in traditional subdivisions, a substantial portion of land is paved to accommodate roads, and houses abut the street as activities take place in backyards and on back decks; however, according to the article, in pocket neighborhoods, the concept is different.  Large front porches play important roles. In front of the homes, sidewalks link the dwellings, not streets.  Garages are incorporated into the development, but are located in the back, where they’re accessed off small alleyways.

The Village at Salisbury Square will hold 27 single-family homes and 4 duplexes.  They’ll range from 1,260-1,640sf. Twenty-six will be 3-bedroom units and four will have 2 bedrooms. The price range will be $290,000-$369,000.

This type of development is possible in Salisbury because of zoning created years ago in the Salisbury Square area, Hill said.  Most of this acreage is in the Village Residential Overlay District, with a small portion in the southwest corner in the Village Center District.  Approved by Town Meeting in 2006, both of these zoning districts surround Salisbury Square. The zoning allows more housing density on the land than the two-acre lot method.

Read the entire Daily News article.

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