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12.7.17 Town of Danvers Moves Forward with Housing Efforts

At its Dec. 4th Town Meeting, the Town of Danvers took a step forward in its effort to create more affordable housing for its residents. The passing vote on Article 9 established a 14-acre 40R Overlay District in the Maple Street area which will allow higher density development. The Town also passed several zoning bylaw changes that will aid in creating more housing.

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12.6.17 Hamilton/Ipswich Consider Zoning Changes at Town Meetings

Both the Towns of Hamilton and Ipswich proposed changes to their zoning bylaws at recent Town Meetings in an effort to increase the housing supply in their respective towns.

Hamilton proposed three warrant articles all of which involved establishing overlay districts in specific areas of town. Only one of the proposed articles (Willow Street Overlay) passed at Town Meeting while the other two (Estate Overlay and Cottage Housing Overlay) were soundly defeated.

The Town of Ipswich proposed two articles addressing zoning changes that would allow the Planning Board to increase the number of dwelling units and provide for the development of "in-fill" housing on currently vacant or under-utilized land. Both articles passed by a substantial margin.

To assist its members in making informed decisions on these issues, NSAR provided in-depth analyses of all of the proposed articles to REALTOR®-residents prior to both Town Meetings.


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11.2.17 Housing-Related Articles To Be Presented at Upcoming Town Meetings

Three articles relating to housing will be considered at the Hamilton Town Meeting on Saturday, Nov 4th at 9:00am and two articles proposing changes to zoning bylaws will be considered at the Ipswich Town Meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 7th at 7:00pm. The Hamilton articles propose three overlay districts to increase contruction of residential properties in the town. Ipswich articles would provide "in fill" housing to be contructed.

View Hamilton warrant articles.

View Ipswich warrant articles.


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10.25.17 Attention REALTORS® and Homeowners!

ACTCongress is considering eliminating the mortgage interest and property tax deductions which would increase the tax burden on homeowners and could reduce property values.

  • Did you know that American homeowners already pay 83% of all federal income taxes?
  • Did you know that some of the tax reforms under discussion could result in a drop of more than 10% in home values?
  • Did you know that after the 1986 Tax Reform Act property values in the commercial sector dropped significantly, negatively impacting state and local tax revenue?
  • Did you know that home-owning families with incomes from $50,000 to $200,000 could face average tax hikes of $815 in the year after enactment?

Learn more

Tell Congress not to raise taxes on North Shore middle-class homeowners and to preserve these important tax deductions.

Send an email to your Member of Congress

Call your Member of Congress



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9.25.17 National Flood Insurance Program Receives 3-Month Extension


Recently, an NAR Call for Action went out encouraging REALTORS® to urge their members of Congress to support the reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program, a federal program that keeps flood insurance affordable for thousands of homeowners including many on the North Shore.

In support of the national campaign, NSAR sent out a follow up support CFA message reiterating the importance of the issue and urging NSAR members to respond.

As a result of these and other lobbying efforts by NAR, Congress has extended the program until December 8, 2017 allowing flood damage coverage to remain in place for many homeowners.

NAR will continue its efforts in working to achieve permanent status for the NFIP, providing affected homeowners with a long-term solution.


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9.5.17 Lawmakers Propose Easing 40R Approval

The legislature is currently considering a measure that would make it easier for Massachusetts communities to approve smart growth overlay districts as part of their overall housing production plan.

40R smart growth districts allow for greater density which can result in an increase in a community's affordable housing stock. Chapter 40R provides economic incentives to communities that choose to adopt the zoning provision.

Currently, a two-thirds vote is required for approval of a smart growth overlay district. The proposed bill would reduce the required vote to a simple majority.

Read more in this article from the Lowell Sun.



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